Elephants Are Not Food


Tell the United Nations to Condemn the Killing and Eating of Elephants

Sponsored by:The Animal Rescue Site

Robert Mugabe has done it again. This tyrannical leader known for his abuses and excesses while ruling the impoverished nation of Zimbabwe chose to celebrate his 91st birthday by serving an elephant calf as dish in his celebratory feast.

According to Daniel Stiles, an animal conservationist who has investigated the poaching of elephants over the past 15 years, elephant is not a part of the culinary tradition in southern or eastern Africa. There is no cultural basis for the consumption of elephant meat by Mugabe and most of the world at large.

Today, there are about half as many wild elephants in the world than there were in 1980, down from about 1.2 million to around 600,000. These amazing animals are cornerstone animals to their ecosystems and habitats. They also generate many more thousands of dollars in tourism than their meat alone could ever provide. According to Resson Kantai Duff, acting head of awareness for the conservation group Save the Elephants, even the death of one elephant is “taking away from [the community’s] ability to earn money.”

Robert Mugabe’s many crimes against the people and land of Zimbabwe prove that he doesn’t care what people think of him. Ask United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to condemn the consumption of elephant meat as being incompatible with the U.N.’s mission to recognize the intrinsic value of wildlife


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