You can make Japanese whaling a deal breaker

You can make Japanese whaling a deal breaker

Japan has been defending its right to whale in the face of almost universal condemnation. We now have an opportunity to exert pressure on Japan that they simply cannot afford to ignore – economic pressure.

Japan and the EU are currently negotiating a free trade agreement, worth billions of yen and euros. The EU Parliament has the power to say ‘no’ to the agreement if Japan continues to hunt whales.

Please sign our petition – the EU Parliament will be voting on your behalf.

Japan has been blatant in its drive to continue whaling; exempting itself from the International Court of Justice ruling that its whaling is illegal, and declaring it will increase its hunt to 333 minke whales a year for 12 years – that’s the slaughter of 3,996 whales!

Take action today and ask the EU Parliament to say ‘no’ to a new trade agreement until the whaling stops.

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