Stop Stealing and Torturing Baby Elephants for Tourism

Target: General Prayuth Chan-Ocha, Leader of the National Council for Peace and Order

Goal: Outlaw stealing elephants from the wild and using abusive training methods to get them used to people.

Baby elephants are taken from their mothers, tied to a tree for a week, kept in isolation, locked in cages where they cannot move, and severely beaten in an effort to get them ready for tourists who will later ride them. Such abuse needs to end in order to ensure that these animals are able to live out their lives as wild elephants instead of slaves to the general populous. Training techniques used are better known to locals as the training “crush” because the elephant endures treatment designed to break its spirit. It is solely because of these techniques that an elephant allows a human to approach it, as a wild elephant would fight anyone who tried to ride it.

Sadly, baby elephants are said to cry throughout the time they are tied up, likely because they usually live with their mothers their entire lives. Additionally, although baby elephants should drink milk until they are at least two years old, they are only given bananas and water to eat.

Demand Thailand outlaw using elephants to entertain tourists and that anyone caught abusing elephants in this manner be held accountable under law. Animals don’t deserve to be abused for entertainment.


Dear General Chan-Ocha,

Elephants in your country endure gruesome training methods in order to get them used to humans. Something other than riding elephants needs to be found to entertain tourists, as elephants do not deserve to experience such abuse.

As you likely know, wild elephants do not allow people to get near them. Therefore, tying an elephant to a tree for a week, locking it inside a cage that is too small, and beating it for the purpose of making it used to humans riding it is a barbaric, sick and cruel practice. Furthermore, taking an elephant away from its mother when these animals typically stay with their mothers their whole lives is also a disturbing practice, as is feeding them bananas and water when they are supposed to specifically drink milk until they are at least two years old.

For the above reasons, I urge you to speak out against such cruelty, to demand that elephants no longer be taken from the wild, and to further insist that anyone found to be mistreating them be given a harsh sentence under law. These beautiful animals deserve better.

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Stop Stealing and Torturing Baby Elephants for Tourism