Stop Japan Restarting Whaling

Stop Japan Restarting Whaling

The Government of Japan has announced a new plan to resume whaling in the Southern Ocean. Under this plan they would kill almost 4,000 minke whales over 12 years.

But in March 2014, the highest court in the world, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), ruled that Japan’s Southern Ocean whaling is illegal.

The Court confirmed what many of us have said for many years – that Japan’s ‘scientific’ whaling breaches international treaties and laws, and that it is little more than commercial whaling wrapped up in the lab coat of science.

But the government of Japan is thumbing its nose at International Court of Justice. They intend to undertake a new Southern Ocean ‘scientific’ whaling program starting at the end of 2015, in spite of the ICJ’s ruling.

We need to make sure the Government of Japan hears loud and clear that their plans are outrageous and that we do not want Japan to return to killing Southern Ocean whales.

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