Stop Clubbing Baby Seals and Their Mothers to Death

Não poderia deixar de partilhar esta petição aqui no meu blog.

Por favor, não deixem de a assinar e de a partilhar.
Vamos actuar todos, para pormos fim a uma das mais terríveis, e monstras práticas que existem no mundo.
Com esta petição, todos nós, exigimos que o governo canadiano ponha fim a esta monstruosidade!

Target: Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Goal: End inhumane seal hunting in Canada.

The commercial seal slaughter in Canada opened two weeks early this year, despite the unsettling fact that mother seals are presumably still nursing their pups during this time. Allowing newborn seal pups and their mothers to be brutally murdered for profit is disgusting and the Canadian government must not put money over morals. Demand the commercial seal hunt be stopped once and for all to save these innocent creatures.

The Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans doesn’t usually open the Newfoundland commercial seal hunt until after seal pups have been weaned, although even this is still a gross crime of unnecessary animal cruelty. A company called PhocaLux lobbied the Canadian government to open the seal hunt early this year in order to hunt adult seals for their meat and for oil.

Canada has said that PhocaLux can’t take seals from the areas where mothers give birth and take care of their babies, but the lines are blurry on what constitutes these areas, making it easier for hunters to kill nursing mothers without consequences. This would leave baby seals abandoned to starve to death.

Seals are often shot in the face, clubbed to death or impaled with sharp picks. This bloody and violent cruelty must end. Demand the Canadian government end the appalling commercial seal hunt once and for all.


Dear Minister LeBlanc,

Canada’s commercial seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet. This is absolutely shameful. This slaughter is inhumane and destroys ecosystems and the families of innocent animals. To say that this bloody hunt is “sustainable” and “an important economic and cultural activity” is sickening.

Being paid out by companies to allow the death of precious creatures is absolutely wrong. I demand you put morals and animals’ lives above profit and end the commercial seal hunt in your country.