Save Giant Pandas from Climate Change

Save Giant Pandas from Climate Change

Goal: Switch to renewable energy to slow climate change before it destroys the giant panda habitat and other vulnerable wildlife.

As carbon pollution continues to heat the earth’s climate, the fields of bamboo that giant pandas depend on for survival are becoming more and more scarce. The giant pandas live in the mountainous areas of southwestern China, a region that is particularly vulnerable to the warming climate.

The giant panda is one of the most beautiful and most endangered bears in the world, and we must take action to protect its habitat. Pledge to switch to renewable energy, and help save the panda bear, and thousands of other majestic creatures, from environmental destruction.


I pledge to make the switch to clean renewable energy in order to slow the devastating effects of climate change. Humans are not the only species that is being threatened by climate change. Vulnerable wildlife, such as the giant panda, polar bear, sea turtle, elephant and countless others, are being fundamentally threatened by global warming. The habitats of these innocent creatures are being destroyed by the warming climate.

By switching to clean renewable energy, I will do my part to stem the tide of climate change and protect these magnificent, yet vulnerable, wild animals.

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