Ricky Gervais says ‘f*** anyone who tortures animals for fun’ after bullfighter gored to death

“Ricky Gervais says ‘f*** anyone who tortures animals for fun’ after bullfighter gored to death in the ring
Ricky Gervais: “Why I want bulls to defend themselves.”
The comedian and animal activist added: “Neither I nor any bull wants you to fight it. But if you insist I hope it defends itself”
Ricky Gervais has slammed the sport of bullfighting after a video showing a participant dying in the ring emerged online.

The Office star took to social media after a video emerged of a man being fatally struck by a bull during a show in northern Spain.

Gervais, a staunch animal activist, tweeted: “Poor terrified bull. Ban cruel sports. Neither I nor any bull wants you to fight it.

“But if you insist I hope it defends itself. F*** anyone who tortures an animal for fun.”
In a video shared on his Twitter feed earlier, Gervais addressed the camera, saying: “Self defence is no offence.

“Who wants to torture an animal to death for fun? And what f***** morons go and watch it?

“And people who go and see it say it’s traditional. So was slavery.

“So was burning witches at the stake. So was child sacrifice. We’ve moved on.”

The victim, Miguel Ruiz Perez, was struck in the abdomen after slipping as he took part in an exhibition involving athletes and bulls.

The 29-year-old was horned while trapped against wooden fencing around the bull-ring as he tried to reach safety.
The incident occurred in Lerin in Navarra, northern Spain just before 8pm yesterdau.

He was pronounced dead after being taken by air ambulance to a hospital in nearby Pamplona.
Local authorities are yet to decide whether or not to suspend the week-long town festival, which was into its third day when the bullfighter died.

A YouTube video of the incident showed colleagues lifting him up in their arms and running with him to an unmanned ambulance parked at the entrance to the bull-ring before desperately calling out for paramedics to arrive.
The tragedy took the number of bullfighting death victims during Spanish summer festivals over the weekend to four.”


El cómico británico Ricky Gervais arremete contra la tauromaquia

El actor, director y comediante británico Ricky Gervais ha pedido la prohibición de la tauromaquia al enterarse por el tabloide Daily Mirror del fallecimiento de Miguel Ruiz Pérez, de 29 años, tras ser corneado el pasado domingo en un concurso de anillas en la localidad Navarra de Lerín. “Pobre toro aterrorizado. Prohíban los deportes crueles”, escribió el humorista acompañando al retuit del vídeo de la cornada.

Gervais ha publicado un vídeo en su cuenta de Facebook en el que afirma que si alguien decide torturar a un toro hasta la muerte, solo espera que el animal se defienda. “Que le jodan a cualquiera que torture a un animal por diversión”, dijo el humorista en la red social.

Fonte: Elpais (Com vídeo)