Se este país não fosse uma República das Bananas, os Anti-taurinos da “Protoiro”, já teriam sido proibidos há muito, de utilizar este nome, em função da prática bárbara que realizam e promovem!

Lindo Touro

Como é que é possível que estes Anti-Taurinos, Psicopatas, Sociopatas, ainda sejam autorizados a utilizar este nome, quando realizam e promovem a tortura, a barbaridade, para com o touro, na Tauromaquia?
-A realidade é que vivemos numa República das Bananas. E essa é a razão!


Depois têm a lata, a desfaçatez de apelidar quem defende o Touro e o Cavalo, da Tortura, da Barbaridade que eles realizam de Anti-taurinos. Quando os Anti-taurinos são eles próprios, e não nós.

O que quer dizer “Protoiro”? -Quer dizer Pelo Touro, e não Contra o Touro.

Quem é pelo touro, não os quer ver serem barbaramente torturados, na Tauromaquia. Por tanto, quem é pelo Touro é totalmente contra a Bárbara actividade, que é a Tauromaquia. Quem é pelo Touro, luta pelo touro, e não contra o Touro!


Vou voltar a repetir o que já disse anteriormente aqui no meu blog, esperando que não seja necessário fazer um desenho para o entenderem, de uma vez por todas. Cá vai, então. Nós, que defendemos o Touro e o Cavalo, da Barbaridade, da Tortura, que vocês realizam e promovem, NÃO SOMOS ANTI-TAURINOS, SOMOS ANTI-TOURADA. Perceberam, finalmente????

OS ANTI-TAURINOS SÃO VOCÊS PRÓPRIOS “PRÓTOIRO”, E NÃO NÓS. Será que voz ainda resta alguma inteligência na vossa mente, Psicopata e Oca, para perceberem isto, de uma vez por todas????

Mário Amorim


Dizem que são saudáveis, não dizem!? – Então vamos lá ver se são ou não!


Animal Abuse Indicates High Risk Of Psychopathic Disorder

Violent acts against animals are considered recognized as indicators of a disease of the psyche that is not limited to animals. “anyone who has once accustomed to the life of any living being as unworthy of life, there is a risk that one day he also comes to the conclusion that human life is worthless, “wrote humanitarian Albert Schweitzer.

“Murderers … their dubious careers often start as children to kill or torture animals,” said Robert K. Ressler, the profiles of serial killers created for the FBI.

Studies have convinced sociologists, lawmakers and the courts that acts of cruelty against animals deserve our attention. It can be the first sign of a mental disease that does not stop from violence against humans too.

A long history of violence and animal abuse is not solely the result of a slight split personality of Tierquälers, but a symptom of a profound disturbance. The research in the field of psychology and criminology shows that people who commit violent acts against animals, do not stop there.

Many of them are expanding their deeds to affect humans.

The FBI has found that repeated acts of violence against animals is one of the features that are usually stored in their computers, accounts of serial rapist and murderers appear. And guidance for diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders lists cruelty to animals as a diagnostic criterion for conduct disorders.

(1)Studies have shown that violent and aggressive criminals are more likely to abuse animals and children as criminals those who are classified as non-aggressive. (2) A study of psychiatric patients who had repeatedly tortured dogs and cats, has shown that all of them also had high levels of aggression towards people, including one patient who had actually killed a boy. (3) For scientists, the outgoing of animal cruelty fascination draws a thread through the lives of serial rapists and killers. (4)

Notorious murderers: History books are full of examples: Patrick Sherrill, who killed 14 employees where he previously worked and then shot himself, was already known to have abused and killed, pets’ and then release his own dog on them to to mutilate them. (5) Earl Kenneth Shriner, who raped a 7-year-old boy stabbed and mutilated, and was well known for having putting firecrackers in the anus of stray dogs. (6) Brenda Spencer, who killed a school teacher in San Diego with a semi-automatic rifle with a shot to the head of a teacher and the janitor and then injured nine others, had repeatedly tortured dogs and cats, in many cases by lighting their tails on fire. (7) Albert DeSalvo, the “Boston Strangler” who killed 13 women, began in his youth torturing and killing dogs and cats in crates and shot them with arrows. (8) Carroll Edward Cole, who for five of the 35 murders of which he was indicted, was executed, said that the first violent act was passed as a child was to strangle a puppy. (9) In 1987, three high school – students indicted in Missouri, killed a classmate. They were well known for the repeated cases of animal mutilations, they had begun years earlier. One of them admitted that he had already killed so many cats that he no longer could count them. (10) Two brothers who murdered their parents had previously told classmates they had decapitated a cat. (11) Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer the list is endless. Young people are sometimes sentenced to prison terms without parole.

Animal cruelty and family violence: Domestic abuse is directed more against the weaker animal and child abuse go hand in hand usually. Parents who ignore the needs of an animal or abused animals tend also to transfer this to their children.

In 88 percent of 57 families in New Jersey who were in treatment for child abuse, were also pets’ had been abused. (12) Of 23 British families with cases of animal abuse, 83 percent of them were convicted of child abuse expert or at risk for neglect. (13) While animal abuse is an important sign of child abuse, it is not always a parent who is tormented by the animals. Children who abuse animals to repeat so often, what they have learned at home. Like their parents, they react with violence to anger and frustration. Their violence is directed against the only member of their family, which is even weaker than himself: a ‘pet’. One expert said: “Children with a violent family background characterized by the fact that they often ….. – participate in battles against the weak – like a pecking order of chickens,” during which they also mutilate animals or kill. It is a fact that is just family violence as a breeding ground for childhood cruelty to animals. interrupt the cycle of violence , it is “among psychologists consensus view is …. that animal cruelty is one of the clearest examples of the persistence of mental disorders from childhood to adulthood. This means that the significance of predictions of childhood animal cruelty is extensively documented, “says the Institute of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. (14) to dismiss schools, parents, local authorities and the courts, the animal cruelty as “minor” offenses, thus ignoring a time bomb. Instead, authorities and courts to punish society representative of the animal cruelty sharply to investigate the underlying families for further signs of violence and require intensive counseling for offenders. The authorities must recognize that abuse towards ANY living being is unacceptable and constitutes a danger to anyone. In addition, children should be taught to respect animals and to take care of them, in their own interest. After extensive studies of the link between animal and child abuse, two other experts concluded that: “The development of relationships in human society, marked by emotion and goodness, could be accelerated if we have a positive and lasting ethic between children and animals. ”

(15)What you can do: – Apply pressure on your local school and judicial authorities to take cases of animal abuse seriously. The laws must speak for themselves, so that each is clear that violence against any sentient beings – whether human or animal – is not acceptable. – Keep eyes and ears open when it comes to neglect or abuse of animals or children.

Do you accept the testimony of children seriously if they report such cases?
Some children may not talk about their own abuse, but do so in relation to animals. – Do not ignore less important cases of cruelty to animals by children. Talk to the children and their parents. And if necessary, make contact with a social agency.



Animal Cruelty and
Psychiatric Disorders




There is a well established link between animal cruelty and human violence. This link is supported by around 25 years of research.

Animal cruelty is regarded as a reliable warning indicator of violence to come. People who perpetuate violence on other people often begin by ‘practicing’ on helpless animals.

People who abuse animals often commit crimes of an anti-social and aggressive nature, escalating into serious violence and even murder.

“One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it.”           -Anthropologist Margaret Mead

Animal cruelty and human violence link connection peta


What Does The Research Say?


Research has uncovered data showing a distinct connection between animal cruelty and human violence. For example, boys who were involved in seven school shootings between 1997 and 2001 had ALL been animal abusers.

Other Studies found that:

– 71% to 83% of the partners of the women entering domestic violence shelters had abused or killed their family pet.

– In 88% of families under supervision for the physical abuse of their children, pet abuse was also constantly happening.

– 70% of animal abusers had committed at least one other crime.

– Most criminals who have been violent towards people have used excessive and repetitive cruelty on animals during their childhood.

“I am sometimes asked ‘Why do you spend so much of your time and money talking about kindness to animals when there is so much cruelty to men?’ I answer: ‘I am working at the roots.”
– George T. Angell, 1823-1909

Children Abusing Animals –
Just A Phase?


Children abusing animals is NOT NORMAL. Children who abuse animals are sending out clear warning signs that they pose a risk to others, as well as themselves. They are in urgent need of psychological intervention.

Experts agree that this should happen at the earliest possible opportunity, as psychological treatment becomes less effective the longer the behaviour continues and the older the aggressive child grows. Early intervention is more likely to reduce adult crime than criminal sanctions applied later in life.

Dr. Randall Lockwood, a psychologist who has written extensively on the link between animal abuse and human violence, wrote: “Those who abuse animals for no obvious reason are budding psychopaths. They have no empathy and only see the world as what it’s going to do for them.”

FBI Profiling Serial Killers


When profiling serial killers, the FBI looks out for animal abuse in suspects’ pasts, as they consider there to be such a strong connection between animal cruelty and human violence.

After all, Jeffrey Dahmer cut off the heads of cats and dogs; Albert DeSalvo, (also known as “The Boston Strangler), trapped cats and dogs in orange crates and murdered them by shooting arrows through the boxes into them, and David Berkowitz, (also known as “Son Of Sam”), poisoned his Mother’s pet parakeet.


How Can I Help?


You can help by doing everything you can to make sure all incidences of animal cruelty are reported, taken seriously and the appropriate action is taken.

Law enforcement should make arresting the perpetrators a priority. If the authorities do not appear to be taking the offense as seriously as they should, it may be because they are yet to be educated about what animal abuse can lead to.

If this is the case, it would be helpful to tactfully tell them that it is widely accepted by experts in the field that those who abuse animals are sending out warning signals that they are a danger to other people, as well as themselves. Politely let them know that these people are likely to move from abusing animals on to committing violent crimes against people, unless they are stopped at the animal cruelty stage.

Animal abuse must be reported and treated seriously no matter how young the culprit, especially as professional psychological treatment is more effective the younger the offender. However, abusing animals is always a sign of a psychological disorder, and whatever the persons age, they are in urgent need of professional psychological treatment.

If the culprits cannot be tracked down, it would be useful to get local media involved, which could turn up some leads.

You can also help by sharing this page with other people so that more people become aware of the link between animal cruelty and human violence, and the importance of treating animal abuse seriously.



E então. Os Anti-taurinos da “Protoiro”, são ou não saudáveis?!
– Os Anti-Taurinos da “Protoiro”, são Psicopatas. São Sociopatas. E isso diz bem, qual é a realidade Psiquiátrica dos Anti-Taurinos da “Protoiro”.

Mário Amorim