Do you want to discover Destination Damanhur?

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“Damanhur is a project that belongs to the world. Together, we have founded Damanhur. We have invested our lives here, and we feel like the parents of this being who is so special, and so delicate and strong at the same time. However, we clearly feel in our hearts and in our minds that Damanhur is ever more a heritage that goes beyond what we have created so far. It is a dream that needs new parents and new children in order to grow.

This is an invitation.

Come to Damanhur, and while you are here on this magical land, take time to perceive within and sense the signs of a connection that you may already have with this place, with a mission that you could have already chosen, in other points in time and space.

It may be that you will reawaken ancient memories of the past, or perhaps, for the first time, you could discover a world that resonates with your expectations and ideals. In a world that is already real… A world that has been built by everyone’s hands and hearts. A world that, today, as always, wants to change for the better.

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Let’s face this challenge called life together!”