Dear Mário,

We have outstanding news! This evening, Ringling Bros Circus announced that they will CLOSE IN MAY ending a 146 year tradition (of abusing animals).

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of the animal advocates we have worked with over the last four years to protest at every Ringling show. Our collective voices have been heard! And the world is awakening to the fact that animal cruelty is NOT entertainment.

While we celebrate this news, let us be mindful that there are numerous other circuses that still travel the U.S. making use of elephants, tigers, camels, and other animals. We MUST keep up the fight until ALL animals are free forever of circus life. CompassionWorks International will continue to monitor each and every traveling circus and the unfortunate animals held captive by them. We will do this work until traveling circuses are relegated to the history books, where they belong.

Again, thank you, animal advocates, for standing strong with us against circus cruelty. Together, we are their voice!

For the animals,
Carrie LeBlanc, M.A.
Executive Director
CompassionWorks International


Elephants Don’t Belong In The Circus/Os elefantes não pertencem aos circos

Circus life is no life for elephants. Our hearts go out to Nosey, Juliette, Sara, Bonnie, Kelly Ann, Janice, Vicky, Jenny, Assan, Tonka, Luna, Siam, Mabel, April, Asia, Bumbi/Bambi, Daisy and the other elephants featured in this video, who, as of this writing, are still on the road. Please watch and share our powerful, heartbreaking new video!

Vida no circo não é vida para os elefantes. Os nossos corações vão para Nosey, Juliette, Sara, Bonnie, Kelly Ann, Janice, Vicky, Jenny, Assan, Tonka, Luna, Siam, Mabel, abril, Ásia, sebaq/Bambi, Daisy e os outros elefantes destacados neste vídeo, que, como desta escrita, estão ainda na estrada. Por favor, assistir e compartilhar o nosso novo vídeo poderoso e comovente!