Report: Cecil’s Brother Jericho Possibly Killed Saturday – Take Urgent Action

Report: Cecil's Brother Jericho Possibly Killed Saturday - Take Urgent Action

CNN reports that a poacher may have illegally killed Jericho, the brother of beloved Zimbabwe lion Cecil.

The alleged killing comes on the heels of continued outrage around the world about the killing of Cecil and increasing awareness of the African lion’s rapid decline.

Jericho has reportedly been watching over Cecil’s cubs following his brother’s death. Now the fate of these young lions — and an entire bloodline — is far from certain. For the sake of the cubs, we can only hope that the initial reports of Jericho’s killing are incorrect.

But this isn’t just about Jericho, Cecil, or the lion cubs. Since 1975, the number of African lions has declined by as much as 80 to 90 percent.

At the moment, Zimbabwe has banned big-game trophy hunting outside its national parks. To protect the future of lions, this ban should be expand to more areas and made permanent.

Please take action to honor Zimbabwe’s fallen lions and protect their future. Urge Zimbabwe’s president to permanently ban all big-game trophy hunting of lions and the export of lions or lion parts.

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