Trump’s Seismic Blasting Plan Will Injure and Kill Thousands of Whales and Dolphins

BREAKING: President Trump just approved seismic blasting off the Atlantic coast that could harm tens of thousands whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals. This is all part of the Trump administration’s plan to open up all U.S. waters to more damaging offshore drilling for oil and gas.

The plan, introduced by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke soon after Trump took office, would radically expand offshore drilling into new areas of the Atlantic, Arctic, Gulf of Mexico and Pacific waters. Specifically, Zinke stated that under a new 5-year plan, over 90 percent of the U.S. coasts would be open to oil drilling by 2019.

Now Trump has taken the first steps towards this environmental catastrophe by authorizing at least five seismic testing companies to use air guns to find oil and gas deposits deep underneath the Atlantic Ocean.

Seismic blasting severely harms marine life, coastal economies, and our public health. Sign the petition telling the Department of Interior NOT to allow dangerous seismic testing off the Atlantic Coast.

As soon as next year, seismic air guns could hammer the Atlantic ocean floor with massive explosions — every ten seconds — that are more than 250 decibels and can heard for miles. These blasts can injure, deafen, and kill thousands of marine mammals like whales, dolphins, and other threatened sea life.

Seismic surveys have not been conducted off the Atlantic Coast for at least 30 years and this new plan is strongly opposed by numerous East Coast lawmakers and governors, who worry it could critically damage the environment and coastal economies. In 2016, President Obama had protected most of the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans from dirty and dangerous offshore drilling — but Trump reversed these protections.

Please take action right now to protect whales, dolphins and other marine life. Sign the petition telling the Department of Interior to end ALL seismic testing off the Atlantic Coast.