Ask the European Parliament to outlaw Fox hunting with dogs in Europe!


Hunting with dogs is a cruel and barbaric sport which serves no purpose in today’s society. Dogs do not hunt foxes by natural instinct, but must be trained and encouraged to do so.

Foxes live mainly on earthworms, rodents, beetles and carrion, not livestock as some would have you believe. They are pack animals and regulatie their own populations as many studies have shown. Being a close relative of the domestic dog, Foxes can feel fear and pain in just the same way.

Hunts also slaughter over 10,000 hounds every year. Most are considered too old to hunt after six years and are shot (there are no retirement homes for old hounds) whilst younger hounds will be killed if they don’t fit in with the rest of the pack or aren’t good enough at hunting.

Current legislation allows EU members to determine their own laws regarding hunting with hounds. Lets ensure that Europe sets a precedent by banning hunting with hounds across EU member states!

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